GEORGE CLOONEY’s ex-girlfriend Stacy Keibler is mulling a return to the wrestling ring to grab some cash!

“Stacy is considering making a one-time appearance on the wres­tling circuit,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER. “But it’s got to be a cash-heavy offer. She would like the dough.”

The former World Wrestling Enter­tainment beauty’s two-year romance with Oscar winner Clooney ended in July, but during that time she apparently got used to the high life.

 “Stacy had it all,” said the pal.

“Private jets, a mind-blowing wardrobe, whatever she wanted was at her beck and call.

“I remember when she spent thousands on a high-tech tanning bed!”

Even when work commitments separated them, 34-year-old Stacy lived at Clooney’s house with a full-service staff to wait on her, according to the source.

“Since they split, Stacy’s had to give up a lot,” said the source.

“But she still buys the best of everything and splashes out big bucks every week at the spa. She has two trainers, a health coach and a private chef.

“She estimates she NEEDS over $50,000 a month to support her current lifestyle. A million-dollar appearance fee would cover her ex­penses for a year and leave enough left over for her to make a serious investment in something.”

And while her stint hosting Life­time’s “Supermarket Superstar” ended recently, the leggy blonde has fielded offers from the WWE since leaving the ring in 2006.

“Stacy admits a return to wres­tling isn’t quite what she had in mind,” said the source, “but the of­fers are getting too good to refuse.”