PRESIDENT OBAMA’s best high school buddy has been charged with several sex crimes – and bitter Keith Kakugawa may air all of Obama’s dirty laundry!

“It’s a sad tale of how two young boys who were best friends in high school took drastically different paths in their lives,” Keith’s dad Kenneth Kakuga­wa told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview. “When Keith started to face hard times, he grew resentful and bitter of Barry’s (Obama’s high school nickname) success.”

Keith, a 54-year-old un­employed former Wall Street trader, has struggled with alcoholism and bounced in and out of prison sev­eral times, mostly for crimes related to cocaine possession and dealing.

But after being charged with five felonies following his alleged assault of a woman on Sept. 13, Keith is fac­ing some serious prison time.

And that could be bad news for Obama, who’s seen his approval rat­ings drop in recent weeks.

“Keith knows a lot of secrets that could prove to be embarrassing for the commander in chief if they get out,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “They’re mostly youthful indiscre­tions, but he would know more about Barack’s teenage drug-taking than anyone. And now that he’s really desperate and facing a lengthy stretch, he could spill the beans.”

In official documents ob­tained by The ENQUIRER, a woman alleged that an intoxicated Keith attacked her at her apartment after they’d gone out to din­ner. She claims that he punched, slapped and sexually assaulted her, and she had to escape by running outside naked.

Among the charges leveled against Keith are sexual penetration by a foreign object, false imprison­ment with violence, and battery with serious bodily injury. He was booked into California’s Humboldt County Jail on $400,000 bail and faces a minimum of 10 years behind bars if convicted of all charges.

“I’m sure Barry is go­ing to be disappointed when he finds out that Keith has been arrested,” Kenneth said. “They were as close as brothers at one time in their lives.” Indeed, Obama wrote about Keith – calling him “Ray” to protect his privacy – in his best-selling auto­biography, “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.”

“Despite the difference in age, we’d fallen into an easy friendship, due in no small part to the fact that together we made up almost half of Punahou’s black high school population,” Obama recalled. “I enjoyed his company; he had a warmth and brash humor.”

Kenneth says the last time Keith spoke to Obama was in 2007, during his first White House cam­paign.

“Keith was homeless at the time, fresh out of a California state prison on a drug-related convic­tion,” Kenneth explained. “He called Barry’s Senate office and was eventually patched through to him. Keith asked him for help, but instead of helping him, Barry brushed him off and put him in touch with his assistant.

“Keith later told me it felt like a slap in the face. He feels like Barry aban­doned him when he really needed his help.”