FULL INSIDE STORY – Swedish child-swap shocker stuns $300 million Presley estate as the faux LISA MARIE controversy heats up.

The Lisa Marie Presley the world knows may not be Elvis’ REAL biological daughter!

As the 37th anniversary of the King’s death has passed, The ENQUIRER investigated the most shocking claim ever made against the $300 million Presley estate.

In stunning new legal documents, in which Elvis’ ex-wife Priscilla is named as a defendant, a Swedish woman claims she was replaced by Lisa Marie in a bizarre and secretive child-swap at age 9 – and sensational photographic evidence may support her.

The woman, Lisa Johansen – a married mother of four with a law degree – said the hidden switch was made for security reasons after Elvis’ death on Aug. 16, 1977 when she was spirited away from her father’s famous gated home in Memphis, Tenn., to Scandinavia. In Sweden, she was replaced by an imposter, Johansen claims. That young lady matured before the eyes of America, becoming a rebellious teen who went on to marry Michael Jackson plus three other men, and who struggled desperately to carve out a singing career like her supposed father’s.

And while Presley’s lawyers have blasted Johansen as “delusional” and making “malicious claims and offensive wrongful conduct,” The ENQUIRER has exclusively reviewed the candid photos, which show an ongoing relationship between Johansen and members of the Presley clan.

One photo shows Johansen with Priscilla’s late brother Tom Beaulieu; another displays Johansen’s children with Priscilla and mother Ann Beaulieu; and a third shows another Johansen child with Benjamin Keough, 21, son of Lisa Marie, 46, and her first ex-husband Danny Keough.

“Elvis could be spinning in his grave if his REAL only child is being kept from the life she deserves,” declared an insider.

While Johansen, 43, could not comment because of the ongoing case, new court documents highlight the ugly battle. The papers filed June 9 in Tennessee Federal Court appeal a decision to dismiss her original 2011 lawsuit, which sought $130 million in damages and a judge dismissed, saying she had no proof of conspiracy.

Johansen has also been in a legal spat with the publisher of her 1998 memoir “I, Lisa Marie: The True Story of Elvis Presley’s Real Daughter” because she refused a DNA test after reportedly receiving $200,000 for the tell-all.

In the book, Johansen presents a skull and face analysis of Lisa Marie that claims her adult forehead is more than 10 percent smaller than her forehead as a child. Swedish forensic expert Hakan Borglund reportedly compared 38 photos of Lisa Marie ages 2 to 9 with ages 18 to 26, and is quoted as saying: “We are dealing with two separate people here.”

Johansen says she was born on Feb. 1, 1968 to “Priscilla Ann Beaulieu and Elvis Aaron Presley” and describes her childhood at Graceland as a “fairy tale with my father as the king and myself as the pampered princess.”

After Elvis died, she describes placing a baseball glove in her father’s casket. But she says she remembers little after the funeral until Priscilla took her to Europe. Johansen claims in Sweden Priscilla told her she was going to live with a foster family and warned her not to tell anyone who she was for her own safety.

“You will be called Sari – Sari Rosenquist,” she says Priscilla told her.

At first, she said Priscilla would call to check on her, but as the years passed the contact became less and less frequent. When Johansen first noticed press pictures of a young woman claiming to be Lisa Marie Presley she assumed it was just “an ongoing step in the elaborate security arrangements that had been made for me.”

In April 1992, Johansen said she went to Graceland and was greeted warmly by Elvis’ 73-yearold aunt Delta Biggs. Johansen, who returned to Graceland in 2011, has been ridiculed on the Internet with one blogger claiming her real name is “Sari Marjatta Nikula.”

But Johansen’s husband Alexander staunchly defended his wife when The ENQUIRER asked why she never took a DNA test. “Neither Priscilla Presley nor the estate have ever requested DNA … since the estate is well aware of who she is.”