A bombshell new investigation will blow the lid off Bruce Lee’s mysterious death and reveal he was murdered!

That’s the stunning revelation of a top Hollywood investigator, who declares the sinister plots behind the martial arts legend’s tragic death will finally come to light when their bodies are exhumed.

“Dig up Bruce Lee,” former Chicago cop turned Tinseltown private eye Paul Huebl said. “Modern CSI techniques can finally reveal the truth.”

Although it’s been 41 years since Bruce’s bizarre death at age 32, the debate about what REALLY happened still rages. Officially, the "Enter the Dragon" star died from brain trauma.

But millions worldwide believe that Lee was killed by powerful enemies who covered their tracks with the help of crooked cops.

Huebl notes the list of suspects includes his lovers, rival moviemakers and Kung Fu masters who were incensed that his films revealed ancient fighting secrets to the West.

“Officially, Lee’s autopsy report states he died of ‘cerebral edema’ that caused his brain to rapidly swell,” but it doesn’t answer why the condition occurred,” said Huebl.

On July 20, 1973, Bruce was visiting the Hong Kong home of Betty Ting Pei, a beautiful actress rumored to be his mistress. When he complained of a headache, she gave him Equagesic, a pill that mixes aspirin and muscle relaxant. He dozed off.

When Pei couldn’t wake Lee, she called producer Raymond Chow for help. By the time Chow arrived and brought the stricken superstar to the hospital, it was too late.

 “A trace of marijuana was in his bloodstream, probably leading to the official pronouncement of ‘death by misadventure,’ ” says the investigator.

“But none of the autopsy doctors could agree on what killed him, and any American coroner would laugh at the idea that smoking a little pot contributed to his death.

“This smacks of a cover-up and cries for the investigation to be reopened, this time with an American doctor doing the work.”

Bruce is buried in Seattle. If his body is exhumed, a new autopsy would use scientific tests that were not available in 1973.

“Some of his hairs would be sent for toxicological study to see if someone poisoned him,” explains Huebl.  “There are deadly odorless and colorless chemicals the original doctors didn’t even bother looking for.

“A new doctor would also examine the condition of his internal organs, not just his brain, and review photos and X-rays from the original autopsy.”

That could prove – or eliminate – a popular theory that the martial arts sensation was slain by Dim Mak assassins who practice “the Vibrating Palm Touch of Death”.

“It’s an ancient Kung Fu move where a trained master can lay a hand on a victim’s chest to reverse the body’s

energy, causing a delayed death,” he explains. “Hong Kong crime syndicates use assassins who look like Shaolin monks but are highly lethal. They could have killed Lee if they felt he wasn’t respectful enough.

“A Chinese coroner might have seen the telltale organ damage and not reported it – but an American doctor wouldn’t cover it up.”

Huebl added: “Bruce Lee was a global hero who should have had a long life but was cut down in his prime. It’s time, finally, to put his controversial death to rest and find justice."