Hef sons sickened by daddy Playboy.

Viagra enhanced Hugh Hefner, 82, has plenty of fans but not his two sons.  They’re utterly embarrassed by his so-called dance moves.  And they tell-all in guess what mag?

"He’s utterly confused, moving his body – the fast shuffles, the crazy elbows – as if he’s not sure what he’s doing," Cody Hefner, 18, told the skin mag. "And all these girls on both sides are freaking on him. Nobody alive can dance like him."

 "His moves are so uncool," Marston Hefner, 17. revealed. "He’s a disco inferno from another planet!"

The Playboy patriach is unaffected by the son’s diss since he’s "dating" 19 year old twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon.  The only moves they care about: Hef’s PR moving and shaking.