Sofia Vergara To Hunky Hubby Joe: Snub Me Onscreen & It’s ‘ADIOS!’

Manganiello avoids telling spitfire wife that younger women are wanted.

Sofia vergara joe manganiello

VA-VA-VOOM shocker for Sofia Va-Va-Vergara, who’s dying to romp in big-screen rom-coms with hubby Joe Manganiello, so she squealed happily when El Hunky came home with a hot new script he’d been handed — gushing that he LOVES it! Said my source: “Sofia couldn’t wait to read the script, then happily announced, ‘I want to star in it, too! I will love playing this sexy female lead!’ But as Joe smiled and nodded, Sofia shot him a puzzled look and asked, ‘So … why didn’t the script get sent to me, too?’ Joe’s smile suddenly went south as he sensed the danger of telling hot-tempered Wifey that while producers are eager to hire him as leading man, they’re eyeing younger bombshells like Margot Robbie and Blake Lively to nuzzle him onscreen. Averting World War III, Joe shrugged diplomatically and said, ‘Gee, Honey … er, I don’t know!’” Ai, yai, YAI! … Brace yourself for va-va-va-BOOM!!

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Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Honeymoon In Paradise