Sarah Palin (the real one) took on Tina Fey on  SNL. Moose slain. Samberg nose intact.

The Republican VP Candidate visited Saturday Night Live which had become news-worthy again for former SNL-er Tina Fey‘s deft impersonation of the Alaskan Governor power abuser.

John Brolin aka  Prez George W. Bush in Oliver Stone‘s new flick W. hosted, dodging a bullet from Oliver Stone when he failed to plug own flick!

As America watched,  Fey/Palin crossed the boundaries of reality.

After all, nothing says Big Yuks like doppelgänger confrontation.

Just ask Andy Samberg who met ‘his’ as well — Mark Wahlberg who had threatened to punch him in the nose for his mocking Marky Mark sketch the prior week.

Good thing Mark had a movie opening this weekend. Samberg’s nose still intact!

PLUS:  Sarah did a mean she-bop to the SNL polemic rap.  Snow-Girl got game.