Snoop Dogg Smoking Himself Into Early Grave

Snoop Dog in concert at Peterborough Memorial Centre, Canada - 16 May 2019
Michael Hurcomb/Shutterstock

Reefer-rapper Snoop Dogg is smoking more pot than ever these days — and friends worry his future may go up in smoke!

The “Drop It Like It’s Hot” hash hound was even spotted toking before his Feb. 13 Super Bowl halftime performance in L.A.

“No one can remember a time when Snoop didn’t smoke weed, but it can’t be good for his health and friends are afraid his lungs will collapse!” spills an insider.

“He can’t get through the day without smoking weed and he’s smoking more and more of it, when it’s no secret marijuana has been linked to lung cancer.”

“But try telling that to Snoop!”

Florida-based Dr. Gabe Mirkin, who has not treated Snoop, told The National ENQUIRER about a laundry list of health problems Snoop could face from the locoweed.

“His smoking puts him at increased risk for lung damage, lung cancer, brain damage and heart attack,” says Mirkin — adding regular marijuana smoking may also cause chronic bronchitis and pneumonia.

But Snoop, 50, shows no signs of winding down the wacky baccy!

“It’s not just a pastime anymore — he’s made it his full-time job, seven days a week,” snitches a source. “He has a blunt roller on the payroll whose sole job is to keep him in good supply.”

“Most of his friends are weed lovers too, like Willie Nelson. But even Willie wised up and quit smoking joints because of his emphysema.”

As ENQUIRER readers know, Snoop’s pal Willie, 88, turned to pot as a lesser evil to his decades of hard living.

“I’d already had a lung collapse and wasn’t doing so great health-wise. So, I quit tobacco, I quit alcohol, and I doubled up on the weed.”

But the dope was destructive to Willie’s lungs as well, so he substituted cannabis gummies for inhaling ganja.

Even Willie’s cautionary example has not deterred Snoop from his pot passion, according to sources.

“Snoop is living the way he wants, with a blunt in his hand and a smile on his face!”