Rescued from the brink by the ENQUIRER, “SMALL WONDER”’ star JERRY SUPIRAN battles back from the edge of despair!

 “THANK you, ENQUIRER, for helping me get back on my feet and renewing my faith in the world!”

Jerry Supiran of “Small Won­der” fame poured out his gratitude for the small but amazing miracle that has touched his life thanks to warmhearted ENQUIRER read­ers.

We recently told the story of how a terrible run of bad luck left the former child star destitute, and our readers responded with a tre­mendous outpouring of love and support.

“I was really down on my luck and al­most completely lost hope,” revealed Jerry, who played the big brother to robotic little sister Vicki on the ’80s sitcom. “But after The ENQUIRER story ran, I received tons of messages from fans around the world, along with long-lost friends and family. Despite every­thing, I realized just how very loved I still am.”

Two years ago, Jerry lost his job as a waiter near Las Vegas, and he and his ailing mother slowly fell on hard times. Things got so bad for the 39-year-old that he was sleeping under a bridge.

“I can’t begin to tell you how much my fans mean to me and how the encouragement of ENQUIRER read­ers renewed my hope,” he said.

The story even triggered a finan­cial windfall!

The publicity generated by our article came to the attention of the Social Security Administration, which realized Jerry’s mother was due nearly $5,000 in back payments that had been caught up in the bureaucracy.

Those funds helped Jerry and his mom Linda relocate to a home out­side Las Vegas, and they are looking forward to beginning a new life.

“When that check came, we were in a state of shock!” declared Jerry. “The ENQUIRER story brought me such amaz­ing luck that now I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I’m hoping to nab a good job as a waiter.”

The former child star also has a wonderful pal helping to guide the way.

“I plan on doing everything in my power to help Jerry land back on his feet,” says former “Donna Reed Show” star Paul Petersen, who founded A Minor Consideration, a foundation that gives guidance and support to child actors.

“We are going to work through all his issues, one problem at a time.”

Concluded a grateful Jerry: “It all goes to show that sometimes miracles do happen when you least expect them. And my mother and I owe you guys a debt of gratitude. The ENQUIRER is the greatest!”