Bombshell testimony! MICHAEL JACKOSN went without sleep for two months, expert witness says in wrongful death trial. And no other human being has EVER done that!

While Dr. Conrad Murray was administering propofol to the superstar, that drug interferes with the natural sleep process and does not allow the patient to experience REM sleep, which is crucial for healthy well being, reported.

Despite waking up refreshed, Jackson, according to expert testimony, really didn’t sleep and got none of the crucial benefits of sleep because of the treatment which took place 60 consecutive days.

Dr. Charles Czeisler, a nationally renowned sleep expert from Harvard Medical School, chillingly testified that Jackson would have died anyway if the propofol OD hadn’t killed him.  And his death would have been a direct result from lack of sleep.

Lab rats die after five weeks of getting no REM sleep, Czeisler testified. It was never tried on a human until Dr. Murray gave Michael Jackson nightly propofol infusions for two months.

Czeisler — who serves as a sleep consultant to NASA, the CIA and the Rolling Stones — testified  that the “drug induced coma” induced by propofol leaves a patient with the same refreshed feeling of a good sleep, but without the benefits that genuine sleep delivers in repairing brain cells and the body.

He also testified that the lack of REM sleep causes symptoms including paranoia, depression, lack of balance and appetite, an inability to learn and much slower reflexes. also noted.

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