Beatings, screaming & death threats revealed in parents’ divorce papers that scarred Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, transforming him from geek to muscle bound hunk.

The Situation’s parents cheated on each other and viciously beat one another, according to shocking divorce documents obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER.

Mike’s father Frank Sorrentino Jr. even threatened to cut his mom Linda "into pieces," while she once told him she’d be happy to go out to "find someone else to (have sex with)," the explosive court papers state.

"The Sorrentinos were the most dysfunctional family I ever met!" a family friend revealed. "Mike’s father had a bad temper and the mom had a sharp tongue. When they butted heads, they were explosive."

Muscle-bound Mike, 29, who’s vaulted to celebrity status now as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, has two brothers, Frank III, 35, and Marc, 31, and a sister, Melissa, 23.

Their parents, Frank, 56, and Linda, 54, began divorce proceedings in New Jersey in 2004, and they flung scandalous charges at one another in their legal documents.

"(Frank) has constantly, throughout the marriage, beaten and battered (Linda) to the point where she believed that the beatings were part of her life," Linda claimed.

Meanwhile, Frank charged that Linda once "broke his nose" by bashing him with the heel of her shoe.

He frequently threatened to kill Linda and once told The Situation and his siblings that "he wanted to see the expression on their mother’s face when he stabbed her and cut her up into pieces," Linda stated.

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