Shooter Alec Baldwin’s Moment of Truth!

Alec Baldwin Poses with Gun and Ammo in Newly Released Rust Rehearsal Video
Santa Fe County Sheriff/MEGA

Bombshell text messages and dramatic new footage show tragic cinematographer Halyna Hutchins fighting for her life on the set of Rust and Alec Baldwin’s shock when he finds out she died — as damning new evidence suggests negligence on the set!

The ill-fated cowboy flick plunged into disaster after Alec fired a live round from a prop gun, which hit director Joel Souza and Halyna, leading to the 42-year-old mom of one’s death at a New Mexico hospital.

Dramatic bodycam footage released by the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department shows medics frantically pumping oxygen to Halyna, doing chest compressions and calling for an airlift.

Interview footage also captures the moment cops told Alec that Halyna “didn’t make it.” He gasps, puts a hand to his face and blurts out “NO!” He then sobs in the parking lot while speaking to his wife, Hilaria.

Still, no one knows how a live round ended up in the gun’s chamber.

Fingers were immediately pointed at the set’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who blamed Seth Kenney, the supplier of the prop bullets. But Kenney denies the live ammunition came from him.

In a text exchange three months before the deadly Oct. 21, 2021, shooting, Gutierrez Reed asks Kenney if she could shoot “hot rounds” on a different movie set. Kenney warns her never to shoot live ammunition from prop guns, calling it a “serious mistake” that “always ends in tears.”

But she replies, “I’m still gonna shoot mine.”

Gutierrez Reed’s attorney Jason Bowles claims, “Hannah has no idea where the live rounds came from.” And prop master Sarah Zachry and first assistant director Dave Halls also handled the gun. Alec later told detectives he heard a box of dummy ammunition mysteriously vanished from the set and then reappeared containing live rounds.

“It materialized out of nowhere on top of a table in the truck,” he says. “The point is, I have always maintained that this is an accident of negligence, but every time I hear a little piece like this, it sounds like there’s a chance — I’m sure it’s slim — I’m not looking for conspiracy, that someone tampered with this.”

The tragedy has spawned a number of lawsuits. Alec’s lawyer insists the actor legally bears no financial responsibility. However, the movie’s production company has been slapped with a $136,793 fine for safety violations on the set.

Meanwhile, Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza says, “I don’t think anybody’s off the hook when it comes to criminal charges.”