Shocking Jailhouse Letter! Jayme Closs’ Kidnapper Reveals Sick Love for Teen

Jake Patterson decorated Jayme's letter with hearts and symbols!

Jayme Closs' kidnapper reveals sick love for teen
Mega; Barron County Sheriffs Department

Jayme Closs’ twisted kidnapper has broken his silence from jail — and made a sickening declaration of love for his teenaged target!

Psycho Jake Patterson — who’s behind bars awaiting trial on charges of murdering the 13-year-old’s parents as part of his sick abduction plot — decorated his prison letter with heart symbols around Jayme’s name.

After the bloodbath at the Closs family’s Wisconsin home on October 15, Patterson put Jayme in the trunk of his car and drove 70 miles to the small cabin where he lived alone and reportedly held her captive for 88 days.

Jayme escaped after she put on Patterson’s shoes and ran for help. Miraculously, she showed no signs of being injured or malnourished.

In Patterson’s jail mail, the fiend hinted he had a domestic relationship with the high schooler.

“My brother … got a puppy named ‘Vale’ a couple of weeks before [heart] Jayme [heart] ran away,” the creep wrote to a pal.

“I love Mexican food too, but I like lots of stuff. Chocolate and berries are probably my favorite. Me and Jayme cooked a bunch of stuff. Cooking is another thing I like doing a lot.”

Questions have been raised as to how Patterson was able to hide Jayme in his tiny cabin over the Christmas holidays when he hosted a party attended by his family.

Others have questioned why Patterson came to hatch the meticulously planned abduction — even shaving his head to avoid leaving any DNA trace — to snatch a girl he claimed he’d seen only once in his life as she was getting off a school bus.

In an interview with police, the sicko even stated he did not know Jayme’s name before he grabbed her.

Patterson’s bizarre letter also showed no remorse for his heinous crimes.

“It’s weird,” the brute wrote. “I went from never committing a crime or really doing anything bad to doing the worst thing a human can do. Just one big f–k up ha ha.”