A mother’s love brings daughter ‘back from the dead’ before docs plunder organs!

Christina Nichole
lay paralyzed, hooked to life support in the intensive care unit of a hospital while doctors hovered over her bed.

Although she appeared to be in a coma, she could hear every word they said – and their conversation terrified her. They were talking about harvesting her organs for transplant!

They said she was brain dead – no chance she’d ever recover.

But they didn’t realize that although she couldn’t move or speak  Christina was still very much alive.

"I’m here, I’m here! Don’t cut me open — don’t hurt me! Let me wake up!" she heard herself screaming inside her head.

Doctors may have given up on Christina – but her mother refused to.

"I knew she was still in there – I just KNEW," mom Judy told The ENQUIRER. "I’m her mother, and I knew. I wasn’t going to let the doctors take her. I was going to prove Chrissy was still with us."

Christina’s incredible ordeal began when she went into an apparent coma after her blood sugar crashed because of medication she was taking.

"They had to give me a paralyzing drug when they put me on the respirator," said 35-year-old Christina. " I couldn’t move after that, and I became unconscious."

Just six days later, doctors asked her parents for permission to harvest Christina’s organs.

 "They insisted she was gone, that she had irreversible brain damage," recalled Judy.

"But I didn’t believe them!"

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