'Talk' Secret!

Sheryl Underwood Raving Over Her Mystery Dinner Date

TV chatterbox keeps mum on generous beau's ID!

sheryl underwood talk mystery date

Sheryl Underwood of “The Talk” can’t stop gabbing about a romantic dinner that has left her craving dessert!

“I asked a guy out and we had a wonderful time,” gushed the daytime talk host to worked-up workmates.

“I got ready to pay for it, because I thought I should since I’d asked him out … and the waiter came out and said, ‘The gentleman has taken care of everything.’

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Then when she went out to retrieve her car, she continued, “The valet said, ‘The gentleman has taken care of it’ … and then to top it off, he sent me flowers!”

Now, the funnygal is “absolutely besotted with her new mystery man,” said a pal.

“Sheryl thinks he may be her very own Prince Charming! She can’t wait to see more of him!”