Sherri Shepherd Goes To Supreme Court To Avoid Paying Child Support

Sherri shepherd custody battle surrogate sq

Sherri Shepherd doesn’t care that it’s damaged her Christian image — she’s still trying to get out of paying money to support the child that a surrogate had for her when the former “View” host was happily married!

The National ENQUIRER had the scoop this past April when a judge ruled she had to provide child support to her estranged husband Lamar Sally — who was parenting the surrogate child they agreed to raise just days before she filed for divorce!

At the time, Sherri was said to be suffering an “emotional collapse.”

Now some new court papers show show that she’s recovered and ready to fight!

Sherri, 48, has gone to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to reverse the decision, claiming in legal documents that the state law requires that parentage is set by “genetics/biology or by adoption.”

The child is named Lamar Salley Jr. after Sherri’s estranged husband.

It’s the latest twist in a marriage that had gone wrong from the start — with The ENQUIRER revealing that Lamar had even betrayed Sherri on their wedding day by covering up his intimate relationship with one of the bridesmaids!

Lamar had asked for his good friend Wendy Marrisa Peel to be included in the wedding party when he married Sherri on August 13, 2011.

But sources said that Lamar was much closer than “friends” with Wendy, and was probably the last woman he was intimate with before meeting Sherri.

When contacted by The ENQUIRER, Wendy vehemently denied dating Lamar or having an intimate relationship with him.