Sherri Shepherd Shaken By Baby Bombshell

Sherri Shepherd

She left television talk show “The View,” but SHERRI SHEPHERD has learned she can’t walk away from parenthood!

A devastating court ruling has declared the devout Christian comedian is a mother, whether she likes it or not!

Reeling from the ruling, 48-year-old Sherri has suffered an “emotional collapse,” pals have told The National ENQUIRER.

“Sherri is stung from the decision, and wrung out from this long and exhaustive court battle,” a family insider said.

“She just can’t believe a judge would force her to be the legal mother of a child she has no biological connection to – and doesn’t even want!”

On April 21, the Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, Pa., sided with Sherri’s estranged husband, Lamar Sally, who sued to seek child support for the surrogate child they agreed to parent – just days before she filed for divorce!

Sherri, who is worth an estimated $10 million, married Lamar in August 2011.

In May 2014, he filed for legal separation and revealed in court papers that the couple was expecting a child via surrogate – and demanded full custody of the then-unborn baby.

Sherri – who joined the ABC gabfest in 2007 – filed separately for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

In the court decision obtained by The ENQUIRER, it was found that Sherri is liable for support after she “breached her obligations under her contract with the embryo carrier.”

It said: “Ms. Shepherd has never set eyes on this child, or expressed any interest to see him. It has been her position all along to disclaim her parentage of this child, but the court has spoken otherwise.”

With the court’s ruling, Sherri now must assume legal responsibility for the 8-month-old child, named Lamar Sally, Jr. The surrogate is about to give birth to more legal problems, too!

Lamar’s lawyer, Tiffany L. Palmer, told The ENQUIRER: “Now that Ms. Shepherd’s name is rightfully on the birth certificate, there is a motion to request Mr. Sally’s legal fees be paid by her – and which easily total in the tens of thousands of dollars.”

Said a source: “Sherri’s lost bad, and this will impact her entire future. It’s a nightmare that’s only going to get worse!”