The sister of Sharon Tate who was brutally burdered by Charles Manson followers in 1969 supports ex-bro-in-law film director accused rapist  Roman Polanski.

Debra Tate, the sister of Roman Polanski’s second wife, Sharon Tate, said Polanski is brilliant and a "good guy" and  doesn’t think her former brother-in-law can get a fair trial in the United States for his rape case.

Tate tolds NBC’s Today show on Wednesday she believes the U.S. justice system is broken.

Polanski was arrested Saturday in Zurich, Switzeralnd after being lured there for a film festival.

The U.S. had been seeking his extradition for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

Tate said Polanski did not forcibly have sex with the girl, calling it a "consensual matter" despite the fact that a 13 year old is far younger than the law allows. 

Polanski and the rape victim had sex in Jack Nicholson’s pool after he gave her a narcoleptic combo of a Qualuude and champagne.  That would be called a "roofie" today.

Tate also said it’s been a devastating few weeks for her with her sister’s killer, Susan Atkins, dying Sept. 24 and now her late sister’s husband jailed after 32 years on the lam, living in luxury.