New fears for SHARON STONE as she gets protection from an alleged schizo stalker intent on targeting the BASIC INSTINCT beauty and her children! reports that Bradly Gooden, 38, was discovered on February 11 by LAPD officers in Stone’s California home after traveling from Ohio because he believes the house was "given to him."

According to the legal documents, Gooden made several delusional statements to the authorities when he was discovered in Stone’s home, including that he believes he’s Hillary Clinton’s son.

"Gooden is a mentally ill and delusional individual, who traveled cross-country in his delusional mission to locate Petitioner (Stone) and take residence at her house," the documents state.

"Gooden has delusionally stated and confirmed that he believes that, at age 2, he ‘wrote the script’ of the current Oscar nominated film ‘King’s Speech,’ and that he is an FBI agent.

Per terms of the restraining order, Gooden must stay at least 100 yards away from Stone and her three children – Roan, Laird and Quinn – her home, her place of work and her children’s school and after-school activities.

A hearing is set for March 9, 2011, where it will be determined whether a permanent restraining
order is needed.