Mike Walker

Jealous Sharon Osbourne Puts Ozzy On A Time Clock

Whipped rocker filling out forms to show fidelity!

sharon osbourne ozzy cheating
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Mike Walker Reports… Told you ages ago that endlessly entertaining Sharon Osbourne never quits trying to nab allegedly adulterous hubby Ozzy Osbourne cheating with chicks!

She even bought him a high- tech computerized mattress with incredibly sensitive sensors that detect all beneath-the-sheets hanky-panky, thrust by thrust, wiggle by wiggle!

But now Scary Mama’s got Ozzy punching an actual time clock!

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Said My Osborne Insider: “Sharon’s got her Black Sabbath bad boy clocking in and clocking out on a real time clock.

“Ozzy has to fill out time sheets that show Sharon exactly when he tiptoes home. He also has to file written reports of where he’s been — and who he’s seen. Teenagers don’t have it that strict!

“But Ozzy knows he needs reining in, so he’s trying to be a good boy and do everything ‘Mama’ says!”