'It Works!'

Sharon Osbourne Zaps Ozzy With A Chastity Belt

'The Talk' star is done talking about husband's cheating!

Sharon osbourne ozzy cheating
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Sharon Osbourne has plugged into another shocking plan to keep Ozzy Osbourne in line — using a cattle prod to the crotch whenever he even looks at another woman!

After Ozzy was caught cheating with hairdresser Michelle Pugh, Sharon wanted to ensure he’d never stray again by stimulating his loins — and not in a good way.

“It may seem medieval but it works!” said a source close to the couple. “Now Sharon doesn’t even have to use it. She just leaves it out to scare him!”

But the threat is real, with the insider adding: “She can use it like a Taser and apply it directly to the appropriate body part whenever his launch codes are activated.

“Ozzy is deathly afraid of the thing, so you better believe he showers Sharon with compliments and presents whenever he can!”