Mike Walker

Sharon Osbourne Bugs Her Own Bedroom — To Spy On Ozzy

Jealous wife invests in high-tech to get some respect!

sharon osbourne ozzy cheating marriage
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Mike Walker Reports… Who the hell is sleeping in her/his/my bed, dammit! Well, Sharon Osbourne just decided she’s gonna find out!

So here’s a major alert to allegedly adulterous Ozzy Osbourne!

Scary Wifey-Momma Sharon is about to high-tech your cheatin’ ass with a state- of-the-art computerized techno-mattress equipped with incredibly sensitive sensors that’ll detect any and all hanky-panky from beneath the sheets!

She-Nanny-Gans: Showbiz Marriages Broken Up By The Hired Help!

That’s thrust-by-thrust and wiggle-by-wriggle!

Reports my Undercovers Spy: “Sharon’s ordered a ‘smart’ mattress that detects any sexual encounter with computerized gizmos that measure intensity, impact-per-minute, pressure points, etc. — then alerts Suspicious Spouse by cellphone if their partner is cheating, signaling that your bed is, uh, “in use!”

Made by a Spanish company, it’s aptly dubbed a “Smartress” … and sounds like the damn thing might put li’l ol’ tattletales like me out of business!