SHANNEN DOHERTY was so angry and combative after her arrest on suspicion of drunk driving that she had to be bodyslammed to the floor by a female deputy!

“She fought with her jailers and loudly cussed them out,” a source at the Ventura County Jail disclosed.

Back in 1997, the 29-year-old spitfire — who shot to fame on “Beverly Hills, 90210” — was ordered into anger management counseling and given two years probation for hurling a beer bottle at a car outside a Hollywood bar.

After that she promised producer Aaron Spelling she’d stay clean and he gave her another chance with the TV show “Charmed” beginning in 1998.

It appeared the actress was getting her life back together.

“But when her on-and-off fiance of six years, Rob Weiss, finally dumped her just before Christmas, saying he was just too hard to handle, she fell ap art,” a pal declared.

Shannen was driving her 2001 Ford pickup truck on a freeway outside Los Angeles two days after Christmas when she was pulled over by California Highway Patrol officers at 3 a.m. The officers “observed subjective symptoms of alcohol,” said CHP spokesman Mike Moriarty.

“She was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.”

Said an insider:
“Shannen was extremely angry when she was brought to the Ventura jail in handcuffs, cursing at the officers at the top of her lungs. She was so combative that she had to be bodyslammed to the floor by a female deputy when she refused to be fingerprinted.

“After the officers finally got her prints, Shannen was put into a cell — still screaming: ‘Don’t you bastards know who I am?!’

“Nobody paid any attention to her. She was released early the next morning — looking haggard with mascara running down her face.”