Joy Of Letting Go!

Shania Twain’s Shocking Problem With Pee

Country queen confesses dirty little secret!

shania twain pee stage concert scandal
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Shania Twain reveals she relieved herself on stage and the audience never knew it! “I was very clever in this moment,” she bragged to a source for The National ENQUIRER.

The incident came as she “stood up from my chair to get up and sing. I peed myself.”

She was wearing a skirt, so instead of a wet splotch appearing, “it all came out. I was dry,” she said.

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Cleverly, she knocked over her glass of water to cover the puddle on the stage.

But that’s not her only “pee” embarrassment. Sleeping naked in a Rome, Italy, hotel with her husband, “I had to go for a pee.”

The drowsy songbird got out of bed, “opened the wrong door and I ended up” locked out in the hallway.

Luckily, her hubby let her back in.