Internet sensation and accused Russian spy ANNA CHAPMAN, 28 was dating a high-powered  60-year-old divorced dad and was doing MORE than pumping him for information, sources say

The accused Stalingrad émigré, born Anya Kuschenko, who led a double life as an a covert op for the Russian Federation, authorities charge, was canoodling MICHEL BITTAN, the owner of Club 201 and Solaia in Englewood, NJ — a businessman with deep pockets and even deeper political connections.

"He was older, but he clearly loves surrounding himself with beautiful women, mostly Russian, and since the spring Anna was in his inner circle," a fellow Russkie party girl told the NY Daily News.

A pal of Bittan’s divulged, "He moves in circles, knows celebrity chefs, meets politicians. He’s a very wealthy and successful guy. He made his money in jeans, real estate, pharmaceuticals, restaurants."

Bittan fit the profile – an international jet setter – that the red hot Russkie sex-bomb told pals she was hoping to meet, frequenting chi-chi clubs clad in dazzling designer wear.

"She knew how to work it," a Brit admirer, who was an Anna Pal, said

In the UK, Chapman had previously married and divorced the wealthy son of a retail exec before moving  to the US where she founded a Russian language real estate website — a master of social networking.

"Smart, beautiful, and discreet," the male admirer told the NY tab. "She was seen as someone who could handle whatever was thrown her way,"

AND, according to federal prosecutors, THAT included espionage.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Farbiarz said their evidence against Chapman – a "sophisticated agent of Russia" – was "devastating."