Jaycee Dugard‘s alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido had male accomplices who helped him abduct other girls, investigators believe.

Police are feverishly looking for two girls, about 6 and 7 years old, who were seen with 58-year-old Garrido as recently as six months ago, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Police believe they are still alive and are being held by Garrido’s accomplices – members of a sex-crazed Manson-like cult that he led.

"One of the girls had long blonde hair and appeared to be about 7 years old. The other girl had dirty blonde or light brunette hair and was around 6 years old," the source said.

"Police believe Garrido may have headed some kind of child sex ring that is now holding the girls. God knows what these animals have done with them!"

Janice Gomes
, who runs a child safety network near San Francisco and has known Garrido for 15 years, passed along to police the name of a Garrido friend she thinks was involved with him in the kidnapping of young girls.

"I told them why I believe this man was involved with Phil in the kidnapping of other young girls," Janice told The ENQUIRER.

Jimmy Lee,
spokesman for the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department, which heads the investigation, confirmed that police are looking into the disappearances of a handful of young girls, including two who are ages 6 or 7.

"We want to know who they were, what they were doing with Garrido and what happened to them," said Lee. "And we are investigating whether Garrido had accomplices."

In another shocking development, authorities discovered restraints in a soundproofed shed on Garrido’s property and are investigating whether he used it as a torture chamber for Jaycee while he held her prisoner at his Antioch, Calif., backyard compound for 18 years.

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