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Sex Freak Robert F. Kennedy Leaves Job Over Marriage Meltdown

TV star wife sick of him chasing after women!

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stepped down from his role as leading board member and chief prosecuting attorney for Riverkeeper environmental group last week — and it’s founder couldn’t be happier!

In a resignation letter to Riverkeeper chairman Joseph Boren, Kennedy explained that his weekly commute has been ‘hard on my family’ because he now resides in California after marrying third wife actress Cheryl Hines in August 2014.

“As you know, I have been reluctantly considering this move for over a year and previously asked the board for a leave of absence,” Kennedy wrote in his resignation letter. “But a series of recent events have aligned my thoughts and feelings and given me the clarity to conclude it’s time to move on.”

The ENQUIRER recently reported trouble in the marriage resulting from Hines being unable to get along with RFK’s children Kyra and Connor — around the same time the couple put their Malibu mansion up for sale.

The ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star has denied any rumors the marriage is just about over, even though her womanizing husband cheated on his second wife — with her!

RFK Jr. — Sex Freak’s New Marriage Crisis

Kennedy pointed out his achievements in his years with Riverkeeper in the letter, but founder Robert Boyle — the man who brought him into the Organization to serve out his community service following his 1983 drug arrest — feels RFK’s legacy is one of deception!

“Kennedy built up his reputation based on my actions and my thoughts … he’s a very deceitful, dishonest man,” said Boyle. “I’ve been asked several times to rejoin Riverkeeper. I never did and never would have while he was there. I would not have anything to do with the organization while he was there. I didn’t want to sully myself by being associated with him.”

Kennedy also claimed that much of his time is now dedicated to his new Organization called ‘World Mercury Project’ to battle ‘reckless and dangerous’ use of mercury in vaccines — while Boyle feels Kennedy’s resignation is a ‘very good thing’ for the Hudson River and the environment.

“When I read his letter, I wanted to throw up. He lives in a fantasy world,” added Boyle.