REALITY TV’s oldest star, 88-year-old “Grandpa” Jim Roy from CMT’s hit show “BAYOU BILLIONAIRES,” is in love with a woman he’s never even met – BETTY WHITE!

The ENQUIRER has learned that the self-proclaimed “ladies’ man” has had a crush on the 90-year-old “Golden Girl” for years and yearns to score a date with her.

In fact, Grandpa is hoping to hook up with the sprightly seven-time Emmy winner over the next few weeks while he and the rest of the Dowden clan are in Hawaii filming their show.

“Grandpa has always had the hots for Betty,” an insider revealed. “He talks about her constantly. He’s loved her since she was on ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ in the ’70s and is begging his producers to get him a date with her.

“He thinks having the date in Hawaii would be extra romantic, and that Betty doing an appearance on the show would draw big ratings.”

The series follows the lives of some real-life “Beverly Hillbillies” – Louisiana’s Dowden family – simple people who hit the jackpot after a massive natural gas deposit on their 80-acre homestead was tapped.

 “The old man is a goner for Betty,” added the insider.

“And since he’s a couple of years younger than her, he jokes that he’d be happy to be her toy boy!”