Hollywood legend THE OUTLAW star JANE RUSSELL has died from respiratory failure at age 89.

Russell died surrounded by family members at her home in the central coast city of Santa Maria.

Jane, who costarred with MARILYN MONROE in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, was launched to fame in billionaire iconoclast Howard Hughes as the cleavage baring gal pal of Billy the Kid in The Outlaw.

Legend has it that the aircraft engineer designed a revolutionary push-up bra which enhanced her curves which caused the picture to run afoul of censors for three years. 
As Hughes battled to get the film released, his publicity mill promoed Russell relentlessly, pumping out pin-ups that became adorned many a barracks or foxhole for sex starved GIs during World War II GIs.

Hughe also bought the ailing RKO film studio, signing  Jane to a 20-year contract that netted her $1,000 a week.

By the time Jane made her third film, the western spoof The Paleface with Roy Rogers and Bob Hope, she was a enshrined as a star.

Jane also smoldered up the post-war B&W gritty noir era providing Robert Mitchum with his best costar in His Kind of Woman and Macao.

During her Hollywood career she was married to former UCLA and pro football quarterback Bob Waterfield.

Although voluptuous hourglass figure screamed "sex" she was mostly untouched by scandal throughout her career other than a brief battle with the bottle.