Superbad  Seth Rogen is going Super-Hero for his next – a film version of The Green Hornet!

The Knocked Up star who has been writing the script with partner Evan Goldberg (Superbad) has finally had The Hornet greenlit  which is due in theaters June 2010.  No director has yet been slated.

Rogen will star as publisher by day Brit Reid and crime bustin’ vigilante by night, The Green Hornet. 

Armed with a rolling arsenal of high-tech gadgetry, Black Beauty, The Hornet and his two-fisted aide Kato match "wits with the underworld, risking his life so that criminal and racketeers within the law may feel its weight by the sting of the Green Hornet!" 

The Green Hornet has been a star of all media since he first appeared on radio in 1936, predating Batman by three years. 

The Hornet also appeared in two movie serials during the 1940s and a 1960’s TV series that launched the career of Bruce Lee.

According to reports, Rogen intends to play it completely straight, being a life long fan of the character.