Mike Walker

Serena Williams Served Up Phone Theft!

The tennis champ’s phone was stolen.

Serena Williams Theft — Her Phone Was Stolen
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Tennis ace Serena Williams just got aced by a thief — and left more than her heart in San Francisco while dining at a trendy eatery after some sneaky creep swiped her cell phone right from under her nose!

Said My Bay City Blabbermouth: “While dining at Mission Chinese Food, Serena put her phone on the table during the meal, texting and checking messages throughout the evening. But as she was prepared to get up to leave, she was shocked to discover her phone had mysteriously vanished! After sounding the alarm to management, staffers searched frantically for Serena’s missing cell, but it wasn’t found and has NOT been returned! The mystery is how a phone lying out under a gang of eyes simply disappears in plain sight!” … And how was YOUR week?