With a $550 million divorce looming, Barbra Streisand is hiding dark secrets and lies in her 16- year marriage to James Brolin!

The diva hasn’t told him the truth about her relationship with former President Bill Clinton or her longtime crush on actor Robert Redford, sources told The National ENQUIRER.

What’s more, sources said 72-year-old Barbra – who is extremely spiritual – is keeping her “secret” consultations with psychics and mystics from him.

“She turned to psychics and mystics, who told her there’s no spiritual connection with James,” said an insider.

The ENQUIRER has also learned that Barbra once claimed to Dustin Hoffman that she and James, 74, had sex six times a week!

But a source said: “Nothing could be further from the truth! Barbra’s telling tall tales, attempting to show that they have a great sex life when that’s not what is going on. The truth is, Babs has banned him from sex to teach him a lesson.

As The ENQUIRER has reported, James is smitten with “Castle” co-star Stana Katic, and walked out on Barbra for a period of time.

Meanwhile, Barbra believes she has a “spiritual connection” with Bill Clinton and Robert Redford, her co-star in the 1973 tearjerker “The Way We Were,” the source said.

“Barbra still harbors fantasies about what would have happened if Bill had left Hillary for her – or if she’d ended up with Redford,” the insider added. “She’s kept James in the dark about what really happened with Bill years ago.”