One out of every four children is being bullied – a fast-growing epidemic that is causing kids to miss school, with­draw from normal social life or even kill themselves! In an effort to bring more awareness to the problem, celebrities are speaking out about how they, too, suf­fered at the hands of bullies – hoping to show kids that they can overcome the abuse and find success in life.

Here are a few of their stories.

 Miley Cyrus once locked herself in a bathroom to escape members of her “un-fan” club while growing up in Tennessee. “The girls took it beyond normal bullying,” the teen sensation wrote in her 2009 autobiography. “These were big, tough girls known as the Anti-Miley Club. They were fully capable of doing me bodily harm.”

 “Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson claims she dropped out of Brown University to focus on her acting career. But some believe it was because she was being mercilessly ridiculed by fellow students. Whenever she answered a question in class at the Rhode Island college, they would call out things like: “Three points for Gryffindor!” – referring to the school her Potter character Hermione Granger attended.

Bill Clinton struggled with obesity as a child and was often teased for that and his goofy clothing. At a YMCA dance, an older boy mocked Bill about his pants. The future president stood up to the 6-foot-6 bully – and was punched in the face! But since he took the hit like a champ, Bill earned the respect of his tormentor. And he learned a lesson that would serve him in his political career – perseverance.

Oscar winner Sandra Bullock was relentlessly teased because she spent a lot of her youth overseas and didn’t keep up with cultural trends in the States. “I’d come back to school from Europe and I looked like a clown compared to the cool way the other students looked and dressed,” Sandra recalls. “So I got my ass whooped a little bit.”