AIDS Battle That Killed David Bowie

He contracted deadly disease BEFORE he was stricken with liver cancer!

David Bowie pp

AIDS killed David Bowie, The National ENQUIRER has learned in a bombshell world exclusive!

While fans were told the 69-year-old glam rocker secretly battled liver cancer for 18 months, sources have revealed his family deceived the world about the bisexual star’s death on Jan. 10.

“They immediately cremated his body without an autopsy to hide the AIDS secret,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

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The “Space Oddity” singer made a hush-hush visit to a clinic in Europe last year in a last-ditch effort to save his life — and beat the killer AIDS virus brought on by complications from liver cancer, sources said.

“AIDS-ravaged David, who was also stricken with liver cancer, went to Switzerland for radical treatment,” a close source confided.

“He was also taking new experimental drugs, but neither worked.

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“David even tried stem-cell replacement, special oxygen treatments in a hyperbaric chamber, and blood transfusions.”

Another insider revealed: “At the end, despite mustering the strength to record his final album ‘Blackstar,’ David was gaunt.”

Medical experts have told The ENQUIRER that victims afflicted with the HIV virus or AIDS have a five times higher risk of contracting liver cancer.

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Besides that, smokers who drink large amounts of alcohol are at 10 times higher risk of getting liver cancer.

“For David, this appears to have been a triple whammy,” said the source. “He was a heavy smoker and, for years, a heavy drinker.

“What’s more, he’d been a heavy drug user — specifically, pot and cocaine — back in the ’70s and ’80s. It all caught up with him.”

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The music legend was a longtime AIDS activist, and performed at benefit concerts with fellow stars Elton John and Annie Lennox.

His wife, Somali-born supermodel Iman, is a global ambassador for the African HIV/AIDS organization Keep a Child Alive.

David was also close to other flamboyant rockers, including Queen frontman Freddie Mercury — who died from an AIDS-related illness. They recorded the hit song “Under Pressure” together in 1981 — a decade before Freddie passed.

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As for his own battle with AIDS, David allegedly confirmed he had the killer virus to a woman in 1987.

Former makeup artist Wanda Nichols claimed the “Young Americans” singer sexually assaulted her for three hours following an all-night party at the ritzy Mansion Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

“He tried to kiss me. I put my hand over my mouth,” she said of the attack. “I told him he shouldn’t because I’d heard he was bisexual. I told him to stop, but he just said, ‘You’re really enjoying it.’”

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Wanda charged the randy rocker raped her, and threatened her with AIDS during the brutal assault!

“He said, ‘Yeah, I have AIDS, now you have AIDS. Now you’re one of us,’” she claimed.

After the incident, a criminal investigation was conducted, but a grand jury did not return any charges against David.

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The “Man Who Fell to Earth” star admitted being with the woman, but said her rape accusations were false and denied he had AIDS, claiming an AIDS test he took was negative.

But Wanda said she believed David “paid off everyone!”

After the singer’s death, Wanda — now 57 and AIDS-free — told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview: “I’ve been in hiding for 29 years. It was horrible. Rapists, murders, molesters, they go to hell. Most likely that’s where he’s living right now, unless he asked for forgiveness in the end.

“He could have died with AIDS, and I wouldn’t be surprised.”