The ENQUIRER exclusively reports that Hillary Clinton exploded when she learned of Team Obama vetting of hubby Bill.

Although things finally settled between Obama and Hillary with the Prez Elect finally naming Hill as his choice for Secretary of State today, a livid Hillary exploded over the investigation.

"Hillary was furious when she learned President-Elect Obama’s transition team was looking into Bill out of concern he might be a liability if she was chosen," a source told The ENQUIRER.

"She exploded and said, ‘What’s this have to do with anything?!’

"After hearing about the vetting process, Hillary called Obama herself. He responded that he wasn’t aware of any ‘investigation’ into Bill’s activities and said it was likely his people were trying to protect him from any potential scandal.

"He reassured Hillary of his respect for the former president and how he greatly appreciated Bill’s help in campaigning for him after she dropped out of the race.

"But Hillary was clearly disturbed. Now she’s afraid that the rumors about Bill cheating during her campaign could come back to haunt them both."

Back in June, The ENQUIRER reported that former President Bill cheated nonstop on his wife while she campaigned for the White House.  An exhaustive ENQUIRER investigation revealed the scandal-scarred former president – whose sexploits with intern Monica Lewinsky nearly ended his second term in the White House – was so out of control that even his closest pals were disgusted by his hound-dog antics.  Those antics escalated after the 62-year-old ex-president was dumped by a mistress, sources told us.  Clinton began an affair with the woman, a wealthy New York divorcee, after Hillary was elected to the U.S. Senate – and when his mistress ended their affair, he went on a sex bender.

"Bill was heartbroken over the breakup and turned to a string of wild sexual encounters to lick his wounds," divulged a source. "He was sleeping with other women while still showing up on the campaign trail for Hillary. It was insane."

 "The  Bill Problem reared its ugly head again when Hillary was being vetted as a possible secretary of state," the source said. "The last thing Obama needs is to have the husband of his secretary of state involved in a new sex scandal."

Political columnist Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News agreed XXX-President Clinton could be a huge liability.

"The trouble with picking Hillary is you get Slick Willie in the bargain!" Dreher told The ENQUIRER. "There have been plenty of rumors about Bill’s private derring-do since he left the White House.

"And the new president, who fancies himself No Drama Obama, is attaching Bill Clinton’s priapic theatrics to his administration."