The cremated remains of Star Trek actor James Doohan and original Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper were lost when the Space-X civilian rocket exploded over the Pacific.

Space-X – an abbreviation of Space Exploration Technologies – launched its third Falcon 1 rocket from the U.S. Army’s Reagan Missile Test about 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii.

A "timing error" caused segments of the Falcon1 rocket to collide after liftoff.

Space memorial firm Celestis, Inc. had a container of two hundred cremains onboard including Doohan who played "Scotty" in the original Star Trek franchise and real astronaut Gordon Cooper, the last of the original Mercury astronauts to fly solo. 

Cooper flew the longest spaceflight of the Mercury program and was the first Yank to sleep not only on the launch pad but also in orbit.

This was the third attempt to launch the star voyagers – both real and faux- – into an orbital resting place.

Thanks to the rocket snafu, Scotty and Gordo got a burial at sea.