Re-Booty Calling!

Scott Bakula Hot For His Own ‘Murphy Brown’ Reunion

'NCIS: New Orleans' hunk ready for action in Bergen's return!

scott bakula murphy brown reunion
Getty Images/Instar

Scott Bakula of “NCIS: New Orleans” is yapping like a lovesick puppy, howling he wouldn’t mind getting between the sheets with Candice Bergen now that CBS is rebooting “Murphy Brown” — after a 20- year break!

“Scott loved playing Candy’s hunky love interest, reporter Peter Hunt, on the original sitcom,” said a tattletale.

“They had sizzling TV chemistry, and he’s ready to rekindle those red-hot romantic flames!”

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“Their characters’ on/off fling on the show was legendary,” the source continued, “and he feels it would be a shame to let that love light die.

“Scott’s revved up and ready to shoot brand-new steamy footage.

“He says he’s been waiting for the phone to ring, because sitcom love’s gotta be even sweeter the second time around — and fans would eat it up!”

Whatcha waiting for, CBS? Call the dude ASAP! Those ol’ scenes were HOT!!!!