What really happens when TOM CRUISE & other celebs go in for hush-hush auditing sessions, former Scientology members claims.

In an effort to cleanse himself of shameful secrets, Tom Cruise sat with an auditor for hours at secured Scientology facilities, including the Los Angeles–based Celebrity Centre.

There, the movie star would grasp an “E-meter” in a room loaded with cameras and recording devices, ex-church members recounted to The National ENQUIRER. Scientology auditors claim the E-meter measures the “static field” surrounding the body.

In reality, the machine reacts to the electroconductivity of sweat glands – and is just a tool to get followers like Tom to reveal private details, former Scientologist Jon Atack claimed to The ENQUIRER.

Jon, a London-based expert who penned the 1990 history of Scientology called “A Piece of Blue Sky,” said the Emeter can’t actually reveal whether a person is telling the truth. Rather, revealed Jon, it measures how reactive they are to monotonous questions.

Jon explained: “The sessions are designed to find some pressure or ‘problems’ on your body – and you have conversation based on questions, and the ‘Body Satans’ will go magically away!”

Based on accounts from Jon and others, The ENQUIRER has recreated what an “auditing” session would have looked like for the actor.

Tom would have gripped the E-meter device, as attached to a needle and graph. When the needle stopped floating, his auditor would ask if Tom had an “upset,” or a “problem,” or if he was “withholding something.”

The auditor would begin quizzing Tom – a tactic supposedly designed to lead him into confessing his biggest secrets, such as sordid stories about his sex life!