No sooner than John Edwards admits paternity to the world, and jets off to Haiti presumably for penance to aid the victims of disaster with no cameras (Hello, CBS – what ARE you doing here?) then he gets into a row with baby mamma Rielle Hunter over the health care of their daughter Frances Quinn.

Historically, (look it up) John Edwards was a huge proponent for health care coverage for all Americans when he was running for president.

But the disgraced former candidate recently balked at paying a $5,000 dental bill for his love child daughter, who is uninsured, say sources.

Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter took their daughter Frances – who turns 2 in February – to a dental specialist in Charlotte, N.C., in late December because the child had developed tooth decay.

"Rielle can’t believe that she had to have her lawyers fight with John’s attorneys to get this taken care of," said the source.

"Frances is doing fine now, but Rielle is still fuming mad that their daughter has no insurance and that she had to beg John to foot the dental bill."

Edwards made health care a big part of his campaign when he was running for the White House, before The ENQUIRER exposed his extramarital affair.

"Who are you willing to leave behind …Which family?  Which child?" Edwards once said.

Edwards, a multimillionaire, eventually agreed to pay the dental bill.

Meanwhile, while Edwards remains in Haiti, laying low, as the Federal Grand Jury investigation continues to determine if Edwards masterminded a conspiracy of silence, funneling funds to his mistress and accomplice Andrew Young  from monies earmarked  for his failed Presidential campaign.