Savannah & Hoda’s Simmering Catfight!

Today - Season 70
Nathan Congleton/NBC

War is brewing on the Today show set! Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb are butting heads, and sources say NBC honchos may have to choose between the anchors if they can’t patch things up.

“While it’s normal to hit some rough patches, there’s a feeling these two are a bad combo and it could be time to mix things up,” dishes an insider.

“Savannah may not be openly pushing to get Hoda fired, but her constant badmouthing behind the scenes is being construed that way. It’s undercutting Hoda’s confidence, especially since she’s already feeling low from being dumped by her fiancé.”

But the bad blood has been boiling since Matt Lauer’s 2017 ouster in a sex scandal. Spies say Hoda, 57, was cozy with Team Lauer while Savannah, 50, considers him a liar and letch who got what he deserved.

Savannah’s rise through the ranks in the past two years has added to the tension.

“Hoda has complained about Savannah getting special treatment, like when she was allowed to work from home while others had to schlep into the studio every day,” explains the insider.

“Word is Hoda felt so threatened, she put off her wedding time and again. She didn’t want to leave the studio to Savannah’s devious devices for even one day. At least that’s how people saw it.”

As The National ENQUIRER has reported, Hoda’s broken engagement to financier Joel Schiffman has been a huge blow. Tipsters have already revealed he ended things over Hoda’s reluctance to set a date and her busy work schedule.

“The breakup has put Hoda on the edge and Savannah has been less than patient and supportive,” says the insider. “If they can’t get their act together, then network brass may have to take care of the situation themselves.”