Sarah Palin Plans to Elope!

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Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

Smitten Sarah Palin and playboy pro hockey hunk Ron Duguay are planning to ice the wedding hoopla and quietly elope, according to sources!

“They’ve only been dating a few months but that’s long enough for Sarah to know Ron’s her soulmate,” spills an insider. “They finish each other’s sentences and make each other laugh. They’re comfortable in each other’s worlds.”

The GOP’s self-proclaimed “pit bull in lipstick” first hooked up with the flamboyant 64-year-old retired National Hockey League legend and notorious Romeo late last year.

Duguay has been spotted supporting the 58-year-old single-term Alaska gov during a high-stakes court case, which was ultimately thrown out by a New York judge.

“He’s been her rock!” mentions the mole.

Sources say the relationship is Sarah’s first since she split in 2019 from high school sweetheart Todd Palin after 31 years of marriage and five kids. As readers recall, The National ENQUIRER was first to break national news of Palin’s official divorce.

“Sarah’s got old-fashioned values and Ron’s on board with that. He might have been a ladies’ man a few decades ago, but he’s solid and committed now,” says the insider. “Word is they’re planning to quietly tie the knot someplace beautiful 
and remote where they can have total privacy.”