Sarah Palin Blames Prez For Son’s Legal Woes

Mama Grizzly says commander-in-chief doesn’t support troubled returning vets.

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Outspoken former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said President Barack Obama’s lack of respect for American military veterans is the root cause of her son Track’s domestic violence arrest earlier this week.

Sarah endorsed GOP front-runner Donald Trump for president yesterday, and at a Trump rally in Tulsa, Okla., today, the Tea Party poster girl accused the president of neglecting those who served their country and returned home with emotional problems. Army veteran Track, 26, was deployed to Iraq for one year.

“My son, a combat veteran … was fighting for you all, America, in the war zone,” Sarah declared. “My son, like so many others, came back a bit different; they come back hardened.

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“When my own son is going through what he goes through coming back, I can certainly relate with other families who kind of feel these ramifications of some PTSD and some of the woundedness that our soldiers do return with,” Palin said. “And it makes me realize, more than ever, it is now or never, for the sake of America’s finest, that we have that commander-in-chief who will respect them and honor them.”

Track was arrested Monday in Wasilla, Alaska, and charged with fourth-degree assault, interfering with the report of a domestic violence crime and possession of a firearm while intoxicated — all Class A misdemeanors.

According to police, Track punched his girlfriend, a 22-year-old woman, in the eye, kicked her in the knee and then held an AR-15 assault rifle near his own head.

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At one point, Track was “holding onto a gun, yelling, ‘Do you think I’m a p***y?’ and ‘Do you think I won’t do it?” according to the police report.

Sarah said veterans are confused by the commander-in-chief’s indifference to them.

“They come back wondering if there is that respect for what it is that their fellow soldiers and airman and every other member of the military so sacrificially have given to this country,” she said.

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“And that starts from the top. That comes from our own president,” Sarah charged. “Where they have to look at him and wonder: ‘Do you know what we go through? Do you know what we’re trying to do to secure America?'”

The Donald has refused to rule out making Sarah his running mate — if she wants the job.

“I don’t think that it would be something that she’d want to do,” he has mused. “She’s been through that.”