Rob Shuter

Sarah Jessica Parker Leaves Matthew Home Alone

Andy Cohen steps up as NYC's most eager arm candy!

sarah jessica parker matthew broderick
Getty Images/Mega

Rob Shuter reports…. Sarah Jessica Parker often leaves her husband, Matthew Broderick, feeling a bit nosed out by her gay best friend, Bravo’s Andy Cohen!

“Whenever Sarah gets invited to a big event, Andy wants to be her plus-one, leaving Matthew home alone with the kids,” a spy told The National ENQUIRER.

The Parker-Brodericks, who reportedly considered in 2015 moving full time to their quiet summer cottage in Ireland, nonetheless remain among Manhattan’s most glittering showbiz couples.

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Sex and the City” star Jessica has always seemed more embracing of Gotham nightlife than the “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” guy she married.

And the “Watch What Happens Live” host is only to happy to tag along. Says the source: “Hanging out with ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ ensures your face gets in the papers, and Andy loves to read about himself.”