REVENGE is sweet for SANDRA BULLOCK as serial cheating ex JESSE JAMES gets bum’s rush from SONS OF ANARCHY over NAZI outrage!

Her ex-hubby, tattooed “Monster Garage” biker Jesse James, was dumped from an acting gig on TV’s “Sons of Anarchy” due to his racist past.

“Sandra believes this is karma for Jesse – what goes around, comes around,” said a source close to the 48-year-old Oscar-winning actress.

“She’s not going to badmouth Jesse publicly, but she’s happy that his sor­did past is causing him problems. Jesse betrayed her and broke her heart, so she doesn’t feel one bit sorry for him.

“Sandra has even told friends that it feels good to know Holly­wood has her back.”

As The ENQUIRER reported exclusively in 2010, while Jesse was playing the role of dutiful husband to the “Blind Side” beau­ty, he was allegedly carrying on steamy affairs with 11 other women!

Jesse was so brazen, insiders say, that the snake even had sex trysts in his office while Sandra was at his West Coast Chop­pers headquarters!

A wide-ranging ENQUIRER probe also discovered alle­gations that Jesse, 43, was a raging racist who owned Nazi memora­bilia and was quick to hurl vile ethnic slurs. He was even photographed posing in Nazi regalia, impersonating Adolf Hit­ler.

That past hit a sour note with “Sons of Anarchy” star Ron Perlman when the actor, who’s Jewish, learned Jesse had been signed for a guest role on the FX series about a biker gang.

Perlman, 62, told co-star Katey Sagal and her husband, series cre­ator Kurt Sutter, that he’d quit if Jesse stepped on the set.

“Ron is a professional, drama-free, no-nonsense actor, but when he heard that Jesse had been cast, he went through the roof,” a source close to the production told The ENQUIRER.

“Right in front of the cast and crew, he went up to Katey and Kurt and said that Jesse had a Nazi stig­ma attached to him and that he’d walk if Jesse was given a part on the show.

“You could hear a pin drop. No one said a word until Kurt finally spoke up and told Ron he’d take care of the situation.

“Ron’s a huge part of the show and Kurt realized there was no way around it – Jesse had to go.”

Jesse was paid for the part he was contracted for, and producers told him they were taking his char­acter in a different direction, said the source.

“A lot of real-life bikers work on the series and most of them can’t stand Jesse,” added the source.

“It was funny to see these tough guys coming up to thank Ron for what he did.

“But it just goes to show, you can’t pose in Nazi gear AND cheat on America’s Sweetheart Sandra Bull­ock and expect people to forget!”