SCREEN legend Sally Field has appointed herself referee in the ongoing grudge match between Oscar-nominated actress­es Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence.

As The ENQUIRER reported, Jessica, who got a nod from the Academy for her role in “Zero Dark Thirty,” was said to be furious at Jennifer for pok­ing fun at her when she hosted “Saturday Night Live” on Jan. 19. In her opening monologue, Jen­nifer, also nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her turn in “Silver Linings Playbook,” quipped: “Jessica Chastain? More like Jessica Chast-ain’t winning an Oscar on my watch!”

And the rift only grew wider the following week when Jennifer, 22, beat Jessica, 35, for the Screen Actors Guild Award.

According to a source, Sally – a Best Supporting Actress nominee for her role as Mary Todd Lin­coln in “Lincoln” – was beside herself when she read about the bad blood between the women.

“Sally had to work very hard for her success in what was once a male-dominated business, and she hates it when she hears about the claws coming out between other actresses,” explained a source.

Determined to play peacemaker, Sally, 66, pulled Jessica aside at a Feb. 4 luncheon in Beverly Hills. Said the source: “Sally told her, ‘Look, when I was starting out in film, I had hard­ly any close female actor friends. There were so few roles and we had to battle each other for them. You should thank your lucky stars things have changed.’”

Sally also had words with Jennifer at the BAFTA Awards on Feb. 10.

“She told Jennifer she knows she’s achieved a lot of success in a short amount of time,” continued the source, “but she needs to keep her humility – and not be poking fun at other actresses!”

Jennifer got her award and more than retained he humility when she fell down the stars, rushing to get her Oscar for Best Actress last night at the 85th annual AMPAS awards. Her gracious speech won the hearts of viewers who have proclaimed J-Law America’s newest superstar. And no one was happier for her than Sally Field.