Great emancipator’s head honcho makes TOMMY LEE & SALLY smoke peace pipe after decades-long feud – or ELSE!

 “LINCOLN” director Steven Spielberg has become a Great Emancipator himself – freeing the film’s stars Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones from the bonds of their decades-long feud!

The film legends, both 66, have been mortal enemies since locking horns on the 1981 movie “Back Roads.” And as The ENQUIRER reported, they were on the verge of squaring off in Round Two of their grudge match while filming the epic blockbuster about President Abraham Lincoln’s final months.

“But Steven brokered a peace accord,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“He got Sally and Tommy Lee together for lunch at his house and reminded them that their constant quarreling could derail the movie’s Oscar chances.

“Sally and Tommy Lee are both pros and agreed it was in all of their best interests to unite behind their project. Before lunch was over, they were laughing about their runaway tempers. They literally kissed and made up, much to Steven’s delight.”

Their bad blood dates back decades when the two argued over a scene in the Southern-fried romantic comedy, “Back Roads.”

Sally recalled: “We almost got into a fist fight. He behaved very badly.”

While filming “Lincoln” in 2011, tensions between the two were still running high.

But all that now seems to be water under the bridge, especially since the two actors and Spielberg are all up for Oscars – and “Lincoln” leads the Academy Award field with 12 nominations.

“Sally and Tommy Lee HAVE gone from foes to friends,” said the insider. “And they have Steven to thank for playing peacemaker.”