SALLY FIELD’s openly gay son has a message for his meddling mom: I can find my own boyfriend!

Sam Greisman, 24, recently thanked his actress mother for her unconditional support when he presented her with the Human Rights Campaign’s Ally for Equality Award in Washington, D.C. The award was a tribute to Sally’s commitment to gay equality.

During his speech, Samwhose dad is Sally’s ex-husband, film producer Alan Greisman – joked about his mom’s “in your face… all the time” parenting style, but a family friend says that Sam wasn’t really kidding – he’s desperate to get his mother to stay out of his love life.

“Sam absolutely loves that his mom is using her fame to spread the word about equality, but he gets embarrassed about how meddling Sally can get,” said the friend. “Ever since he’s come out, Sally’s tried fixing him up with every nice guy she meets. She’s offered to set Sam up on dates with actors she’s worked with as well as lawyers and even movie producers.”

After graduating from college, Sam moved to New York City’s Greenwich Village, where he’s pursuing a career in writing. But right after he rented his first apartment, Sally, 65, announced she’d bought a place right around the corner!

“She’s constantly nagging him to take her to gay coffee shops and bars in the hope that one of her legions of gay fans would be suitable boyfriend material,” said the friend. But Sam finally told Sally to back off.

“Sam adores and admires his mother, but it’s gotten to the point where he had to tell her that she’s crimping his lifestyle,” noted the friend. “He’s looking to put some much-needed distance between them.”