Saggy, Flabby & Crabby: Kim Kardashian’s Baby Weight Hell!

Kayne seems completely turned off by her ne short

Kim Kardashian is facing a baby weight disaster — as her second pregnancy progresses, the reality star is blowing up bigger than a Thanksgiving parade balloon!

As this incredible National ENQUIRER picture shows, 34-year-old Kim’s figure has, according to friends, exploded by some 100 pounds — even though she’s not due to deliver her second child, a son, with husband Kanye West, until December!

“Kim’s breasts are freak-show huge. She has shocking stretch marks and sagging breasts. Kanye doesn’t even find it attractive. It breaks Kim’s heart that Kanye seems completely turned off by her,” a Kardashian family insider said.

“Kim has also developed a double chin, her feet don’t fit in normal-sized shoes anymore — and her upper arms look like tree trunks!

“Her self-esteem is wrecked, and with her appearance being her bread and butter, Kim’s earning power has to be taking a hit,” dished the source.

As The ENQUIRER has reported, the 5-foot-2 mom of daughter North, 2, put locks on her refrigerator and hired a “baby whisperer” in a desperate attempt to keep her runaway weight in check.

Dr. Stuart Fischer, an internist and author of “The Park Avenue Diet,” believes Kim has once again exploded — this time with three months to go before giving birth — and hit the 220-pound mark, which he charged “is absurd.”

“A pregnant woman is only supposed to gain 40 pounds over nine months,” revealed Dr. Fischer, adding that if Kim’s nutrition is poor, it could put the unborn baby at risk for hypertension, high blood pressure and abnormal kidney function.

Said the insider: “It’s outrageous that Kim didn’t learn from the mistakes of her first pregnancy.

“You’d think after being name-called ‘Shamu’ during her first pregnancy, Kim would clean up her eating habits and stick to a fixed exercise regime.

“She’s only accentuating the extra pounds by wearing figure-hugging, skin-tight outfits.”