Lost Hollywood!

Ryan Reynolds Creates Stir Searching For Suite-Spot

Receptionists get a thrill over wandering action hero!

ryan reynolds lost scandals

Ryan Reynolds has proven that he’s no mere shooting star, but the box-office king can still lose his way!

Heading to a business meeting in Hollywood, the “Deadpool” heartthrob took a wrong turn inside a large building complex undergoing construction.

From there, he got hopelessly lost in a mind-boggling maze of map-defying detours!

“The hunk was suffering from a case of navigation frustration,” giggled a hall monitor, saying that Ryan, married to “A Simple Favor” beauty Blake Lively, kept walking in the wrong direction.

“He was popping his handsome face into various offices, desperately trying to find the right suite — much to the delight of starstruck receptionists, who busily buzzed cubicle buddies, squealing: ‘OMG! Ryan Reynolds is in the BUILDING!’

“Suddenly, gals were literally bolting out of doors in unison, lining up to glimpse the heartbreaker wandering down hallways!”