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Ryan Reynolds’ Unwanted Bromance With Matthew McConaughey

'Deadpool' star wearing out his welcome!

ryan reynolds matthew mcconaughey bromance
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Ryan Reynolds is stopping at nothing to become best buddies with Matthew McConaughey, but he’s taking the bromance so far that the Texas heartthrob is creeped out!

“It all started last fall when Ryan visited Matthew and his wife at their home to discuss a possible project in which they both could star,” confided a pal to The National ENQUIRER.

According to our informant, Ryan has been burning up the phone lines ever since and has awkwardly asked Matthew for career advice — even though they used to compete for the same roles!

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“Ryan looks up to Matthew and genuinely admires his last several years of reinvention, but ever since Ryan started plotting his own comeback two years ago, he’s been a total pest,” whispered another source.

“Now Matthew is kind of regretting being so neighborly. He doesn’t want to offend Ryan but the truth is he has enough friends. He doesn’t need anymore!”